Ram’s HomeStyle Diner is Naranja’s Favorite

The locals know that Ram’s HomeStyle Diner on US1 at SW 270th Street is a stand-out choice for family meals.

The former International House of Pancakes building was re-born as Bistro Fusion Restaurant, the eclectic venue of owner/operator Parsuram Ramkissoon — or Ram as he’s widely know throughout the community.

Ram's HomeStyle Diner in Naranja is a favorite among locals.

Ram had, in fact, owned and operated this IHOP restaurant as a franchisee for over 19 years, opening the doors just seven days before Hurricane Andrew devastated the area. His persistence, passion and love for the people of Naranja gave him impetus to re-open the restaurant in 2014 as the only family-type dine-in restaurant in Naranja.

Ram's HomeStyle Diner teamHe recently changed the name to Ram’s HomeStyle Diner, to emphasize that it’s a friendly place where anyone can enjoy a hearty and healthy home style breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Franchises are fine, but frequenting a place where the owner will be there with a warm smile to greet you is another story.

The food is amazing. The service staff are all very friendly and courteous.

All your popular breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites are on the menu, but look a little further and discover exotic specialties that reflect Ram’s love and appreciation of many cultures.

A delightful Caribbean influence is apparent, as well as Asian-inspired and vegetarian choices. Try the Spicy Peanut and Banana Omelette, the New Delhi Curry Bowl, the Asian Chicken Veggie Wrap or the Porky-Pine Burger.

A senior’s menu, a kid’s menu, a great selection of soups and salads — Ram does it all so well. New items on the menu are a variety of pasta dishes, including the Chicken Fajita Penne Pasta for dinner.

Breakfast, which is happily served all day, now includes Blue Berry Muffin French Toast.

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Ram’s Diner serves a fine selection of beer and wine. Be sure to ask about the daily specials.

27077 S Dixie Hwy, Naranja, FL 33032
(786) 707-2389

4 thoughts on “Ram’s HomeStyle Diner is Naranja’s Favorite”

  1. So I am getting people to promote my restaurant and the county has forced the landlord into a position where he has to demolish the building. Here goes all my hard work and my contribution to the community as a business (the only restaurant of its type in Naranja, mind you ) serving the area. Did I mention the loss of jobs that results from this scenario? Yes, nine jobs, including my own……Miami-Dade County for you……lets just follow the rules, forget about being business friendly or supporting economic development and job creation in Naranja………After all, we are the “DEAD ZONE” so designated after Hurricane Andrew, and seems like that’s what it’s going to be forever. Of course we will have tons of low income and subsidized housing/ apartments, but no businesses.

      1. Hi Robert, Tuesday 2/7/17 will be our last day of business. I will be closing at 2:00 pm. The landlord has scheduled an auction for Wednesday morning 2/8/17, and within a week or so the building will be demolished. Hope to see you before then.


        1. Will visit you again soon. Hard to believe. This is such a great mission of passion and quality for the neighborhood. I know that somehow, you will rise again.

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