Welcome to Redland View

It’s our pleasure to welcome to you to our favorite part of Miami-Dade County and South Florida – the Redland Region.

Redland One Room Schoolhouse, Fruit and Spice Park

The original Redland One Room Schoolhouse was re-created at the Fruit and Spice Park.

Many farms, orchards, historic pioneer homes, u-pick fields and road-side stands remain. The name is derived from the red color of the dirt in the vast fields. The community is situated above the bountiful Biscayne Aquifer.

Look around to discover the natural beauty of our tropical landscape, the warmth of our family-friendly communities and the down-to-earth people that enjoy the good life in Miami’s bountiful countryside.

Check out the events page to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the Redland Region.

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