Burr’s Berry Farm open for the season

Down on Burr Road, this historic pioneer farm is nearing the century mark. Established in 1920, Burr’s Berry Farm is know for delivering the best strawberries, ice cream and milkshakes in the Redland Region.

The fresh fruit stand, located at Burr Road (SW 127th Avenue) and Hanlin Mill Drive (SW 216 Street), is now open for the season, featuring the usual assortment of fresh topical fruit, baked goods – and of course — those delicious strawberry milkshakes that bring a smile to every face.

Burr's Berry Farm

The Burr family has a long history in Florida. Raymond Young Burr arrived in Florida in 1876. He and his wife Carrie settled here, established the farm and build their pioneer Dade County Pine home in 1920.

Their son, Charles Raymond Burr was born in 1922 in the original home that still stands on Burr Road. He served in the U.S. military and was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in World War II. A well known farmer and respected citizen of the Redland region, soon became known as the Strawberry King, renowned for his delicious berries and fresh fruit milkshakes.

The legacy lives on as Burr’s Berry Farm continues to impress their customers with outstanding fresh strawberries and delightful home made specialties, well worth the time spent standing in line.

Burr’s Berry Farm is one of the notable stops along the way during the annual Redland Riot Road Rallye, a fruity tropical history tour and scavenger hunt through the Redland region on the third Saturday in January.

Dade County recently began work on the Charles Burr Park located at Burr Road near Quail Roost Drive (20150 SW 127 Avenue), a testament to the significant contributions of the Burr family to the Redland region for the past century.

Bring the family to Burr’s Berry Farm to experience this legacy farm-to-table pioneer establishment. The stand is open from 9am to 5:30pm every day. Call 305-251-0145.


The Burr Ladies of Burrs Berry Farm

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