Dolce Series Redland Dessert Wines

The only tropical dessert wines made in the USA are produced in the Redland region. Schnebly Redland’s Winery Dolce Series offer tropical lychee, mango and carambola in a fantastic display of delicious South Florida flavor.

Schnebly Dolce Series Redland Dessert Wines

Dolce Series dessert wines make an excellent gift for any gourmand or adventurous foodie who understands quality and value.

The tradition of concentrated sweet dessert wines after a fine meal is as old as vintner culture. Bottled at a slightly higher fortification of 16.5% alcohol by volume, each small sip brings bright, bold flavor to the palate.

The Mango Dolce wine ($35) faithfully delivers the exotic essence of this tropical fruit with a perfect balance of sweetness and smooth bodied mouth feel.

Aromas of the Lychee Dolce ($43) suggest flamboyant fragrances. On the palate, hints of coconut and vanilla compliment the faithful rendering of lychee essence with a long lingering finish.

In a testament to the art of the vintner, Denisse’s Boo-Boo Reserve ($35) was an error that turned into a classic expression of ice wine, offering a near-perfect balance of sweet and tart notes of ripe carambola. A small sip of this chilled wine opens on the palate to reveal rich bright notes of tropical fruit.

Together, this trio of Dolce Series dessert wines ($75) sold in 375ml bottles make an excellent presentation for an educated wine connoisseur or a gift for any gourmand or adventurous foodie who understands quality and value.

Purchase the Dolce Series of tropical dessert wines at Schnebly Redland’s Winery or directly from their online store:

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