Special Events at R. F. Orchids Banyan Pavilion

The Redland area is known as a place for wonderful special events and none is finer than the Banyan Pavilion venue, nestled in a lush tropical garden at world famous R. F. Orchids.

Banyan Pavilion at R. F Orchids - Redland Special Event Venue

The elegant tropical setting of the Banyan Pavilion at R. F Orchids is an exceptional special event space in the Redland region.

Adorned with marvelous banyan theme details, including a waterfall and exotic flora, the pavilion is a covered 40 × 60 patio which can easily accommodate tables for 100 guests.

The facility includes two additional chickees. One features a large permanent wet bar which can be set up for food service. The adjacent gazebo is a charming setting for wedding ceremonies.

Available for evening events, the main Banyan Pavilion space comes complete with restrooms, lighting and ceiling fans.

Banyan Pavilion Reservations

For complete details and to schedule your event, contact R. F. Orchids Events Director JoAnn Parns via email: joann.parns@gmail.com or send your inquiry to sales@rforchids.com.

R. F. Orchids

Robert Fuch’s spectacular orchid gardens are famous the world over for exceptional quality and variety of exotic flora. R. F. Orchids has a distinguished reputation as an orchid grower and breeder of hybrid species, as well as a popular tourist attraction in the Redland countryside.

Call (305) 245-4570. http://www.rforchids.com/

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