Fresh at Robert Is Here Fruit Stand

DragonfruitNow in season at Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm, look for ripe local fruit such as Mangoes (Florida Reds and Malika), Dragon Fruit, Mamey, Canistel, Guanabana, Asian Guava, Jackfruit, White-Dragonfruit, Coconut, Passion Fruit and Tamarind.

There are plenty of other fresh imported delights in stock as well.

Don’t forget the tropical fruit milkshakes, the flavored honeys, the incredible selection of jams and jellies, the completely unique and original sauces and so much more. Perhaps a bit overwhelming at first, take your time browsing the shelves to appreciate the depth and breadth of Robert’s copious offerings, then load up on all your favorites.

In addition to citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, tangelos and tangerines, Robert sells more than twenty other fruits. Out back of the fruit stand, Robert features his own little zoo of sorts, including emus, donkeys, goats, parrots, honeybees, chickens, geese and tortoises. On the weekends, they feature live music and have a few antique cars and tractors on display.

Remember, the fruit stand is now open all year starting this season. They’ll close only on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm is located at 19200 SW 344 Street in Homestead. Call 305-246-1592.

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