Banana and Gamboge are in season

The wonders of nature never cease to amaze. The ability of nature to heal itself is very much apparent at Fruit & Spice Park, following Hurricane Irma last September. Now, at the Fruit and Spice Park, banana and gamboge are in season.

Bananas Are Back

One of this season’s featured fruits was located in a section of the park considerably damaged. If this fruit could talk, it would have said, “Don’t worry, we’ve been through this before, we know just what to do, and we will be back as good as new!”

Gamboge from Cambodia and Thailand

The other featured fruit, shares the same vibrant yellow color and has been used as a dye and pigment for thousands of years, including in paintings by Rembrandt or for the robes used by Buddhist monks.

Gamboge and Banana

The unique 37-acre public facility is owned and operated by the Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation Open Spaces in South Florida. The Fruit & Spice Park’s tropical climate can be found nowhere else in the continental U.S., hosting more than 500 varieties of fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and nuts, and other commercially important plant specimens from around the world.

The Redland Fruit & Spice Park is located at the corner of Redland Road and Coconut Palm Drive, at 24801 SW 18th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33031. Call 305-247-5727.

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