The Future of Redland Region

The persistent dynamic of development in the protected Redland agricultural region is a concern to all who value the countryside as a haven for tropical fruit and vegetable producers, tree farms and orchards of all types. The Urban Development Boundary literally draws a line against further encroachment by protecting the countryside from massive housing developments.

The Urban Area Expansion Task Force has wisely made recommendations very favorable to the status quo of the region, fully supported by the Miami Dade Planning Department. These recommendations preserve our horticulture and agricultural industries, groves, tropical fruits and vegetables vital to south Dade, while protecting wetlands and our future supply of drinking water.

A small group of large land owners are supporting developers attempting to use the Agriculture Practice Advisory Board to falsely feign that the rural community of South Dade supports development. A motion by this self-interested group is on the agenda of the next Agricultural Practices meeting December 4th calling on the County Commissioners to reject the latest recommendations of the Urban Area Expansion Task Force and the Miami Dade Planning Department, in order to permit development in the Redland and other rural protected areas.

In 2006, Miami-Dade County voters, for the first time in history, made a stand to end further encroachment into their rural sector. It’s time once again for voters to stand up and be counted as further erosion of the boundary is underway.

Everyone interested in preserving the long term viability of horticulture and agriculture in South Dade and in preserving our rural life styles, schools, water, green open spaces, and tranquility should attend the December 4th meeting which takes place at the Miami-Dade Cooperative Extension Service, 18710 SW 288 Street at 9am.

Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 9am
Location: 18710 SW 288th Street

Thanks to all that take the time and make the effort to preserve our rural agricultural sector to the benefit of all citizens of South Florida.

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