Looking For Special Locations For Filmmakers

The Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment is looking for unique locations to present to filmmakers and production companies shooting in South Florida. Do you know of “camera-ready” locations in the Redland countryside to recommend?

The FilMiami agency wants to connect entertainment productions with businesses and property owners to create economic growth — within their mission to attract film, video, digital and print production to the County because of its high wage jobs and economic stimulus.

South Dade has a wide variety of local businesses, diverse locations like historic and anywhere USA looking homes, agriculture, lush gardens, waterfalls, the speedway, etc. that can be quite attractive to the entertainment production industry.

Did you know? An average national television commercial will spend approximately $100,000 and a television series will spend $500,000 per day in the location they are filming.

FilMiami knows that South Dade has hidden gems of diverse locations and businesses which the production community should utilize more. However, the production industry needs your help in identifying the best of these potential assets.

Ready to get involved? The best way to spotlight South Miami-Dade as camera-ready community is for locations, homeowners and businesses participate.

FilMiami web site

Businesses can sign up in the free FilMiami online production directory: https://miami.reel-scout.com/crew_login.aspx?g=&cl=C

Homeowners and Businesses — if you would like your business or home to be considered as a filming location, send photos to info@filmiami.org so they can be added to the free FilMiami online location library.

These are just a few of the ways FilMiami can help local business or home properties get noticed by location scouts and productions — helping the South Dade economy to flourish.

Contact the Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment for more details at 305-375-3288 and visit the web site: http://www.filmiami.org

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