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Hi there Friends of Redland Region,
Here's a few items of interest for those who enjoy a visit to The Redland Agricultural region, Miami's Bountiful Countryside.
Miami-Dade Solar Co-op Opens June 5th

Miami-Dade Solar Co-op Opens June 5th

Save money and get expert advice when you join the Miami-Dade Solar Co-op -- sponsored by Solar United Neighbors of Florida. There is no obligation to purchase when you sign up. Learn all about the successful implementation of your own clean, green solar energy system, and save money with bulk purchase as a group.

Every solar home is another step toward a cleaner, better environment, with less fossil fuels burning in the atmosphere. Rest easy with the independence and resiliency of generating your own free electricity from the sun. And, imagine powering the electric car in your garage with free energy from your own roof. Welcome to the future.

Now is the time. Tune in on Facebook on Friday, June 5th from 10am to 3pm to find out from other solar owners how the Solar United Neighbors non-profit co-op makes all the difference in your decision to go solar with confidence.

Miami-Dade Solar Co-op

Join Solar United Neighbors of Florida Facebook Group:
Schnebly Redland's Winery
Schnebly's will be open this weekend for wine tasting, delicious food and live music with Jimmi Dred. Enjoy a relaxing weekend and a great time on Friday and Saturday from 11am to 9pm and Sunday from 11am to 8pm.

Miami Brewing Co is open for beer tastings, live music by DJ N2, with food by Latin Fixins. The tap room is open Friday from 3pm to 10pm, Saturday from noon to 1pm and Sunday from noon to 8pm.
Please enjoy these images that remind us of the beauty, bounty and serene nature of our countryside.
golden poinciana
golden poinciana
Make plans for a leisurely drive to the countryside to enjoy the beauty of nature -- and the calm relaxing pace of the Redland region. Photo illustrations © Robert and Robin Burr
Tropical Beekeepers meet at Fruit & Spice Park

Tropical Beekeepers Meet Tuesday, June 9

The local beekeepers group meets at 7pm at the Fruit & Spice Park where their local hive is housed and maintained. Please wear a mask, or a bee suit if you wish to approach the hive. For more information visit the web site or send email to:
web site:
Redland Equestrian Center
RF Orchids - top quality selection of fine orchids
Cauley Square
Phils Berry Farm
Seminole Theatre Cultural Arts Center - Downtown Homestead
Seminole Theatre Online
Pinto's Farm - fun for the family
Fruit and Spice Park of Redland
Nancy O'Brien, Realtor - your Redland Specialist Realtor
Red Barn Estate - wedding and special events venue
RF Orchids BanyanPavillion - special events venue
The Perfect Touch - Car Detailing by Charles
Leisure City Moose Lodge Meals To Go
Solar United Neighbors of Florida
Redland Ice Cream and Bakery
Bee Heaven Online Curbside
A big thank you to all of our Redland View sponsors for helping us highlight these special events in the countryside -- and thanks to our Redland View readers for your continued interest in these delightful cultural opportunities.

Robert and Robin Burr
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