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Hi there Friends of Redland Region,
Here's a few items of interest for those that enjoy a visit to the Miami's Bountiful Countryside.
Redland Riot Road Rallye

We're expecting perfect weather Saturday for the Redland Riot Road Rallye, starting at Cauley Square at 10am.

We're looking forward to seeing all our regular rioters once again to partake in this delicious, whimsical adventure for tropical treasure -- as well as those that have yet to experience our annual car caravan through the Redland region.

For a quick reminder, here's our Redland Riot Survival Guide tips:

Bring a small cooler to keep your strawberries fresh and cool. Unlike the grocery store, the fresh fruits and veggies you'll get along the way were not picked while green and allowed to ripen in a truck or warehouse. They're picked fresh and ready to be consumed right away.

Bring along some cash. A visit to the countryside is a return to simple ways and old-time methods of payment in some cases.

Be observant. Redland Riot Road Rallye clues are almost always in plain sight -- on a sign, a product, a label, an image or a poster -- if you're paying attention.

Enjoy the slower pace of the Redland region. Take your time -- it's not a race. Have a few bites along the way and stop for lunch at one of the many wonderful venues you'll pass. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Have fun! The road rallye is all about having fun with friends. Whether you're crowned the winner, or come in dead last, you can enjoy a wacky good time with plenty of goodies, visiting fun places with nice people at every turn.

You can pre-register your car team online:

See you there!
Curbside Market and Milkshakes
Phils Berry Farm
Schnebly Redland's Winery and Miami Brewing Company Country Nite Fridays
The Little Farm
R.F. Orchids Banyan Pavillion
We hope you'll bring your family and friends out to the countryside for a day of old-fashioned fun and good times real soon. See you there!

Robert and Robin Burr
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