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Hi there Friends of Redland Region,
Here's a few items of interest for those who enjoy a visit to The Redland Agricultural region, Miami's Bountiful Countryside.
Storm Alert
Keep a close eye on the weather and prepare for storm conditions this weekend.
Please enjoy this image that remind us of the beauty, bounty and serene nature of our countryside.
Coconut Palm Grove
Coconut Palm Grove
Make plans for a leisurely drive to the countryside to enjoy the beauty of nature -- and the calm relaxing pace of the Redland region. Photo illustrations © Robert and Robin Burr
Phil's Berry Farm

Phil's Berry Farm Re-Opened with New Guidelines

Looking to escape the confines of your house? Phil's Berry Farm has re-opened in accordance to required guidelines, featuring their signature shakes and cinnamon pastries -- just wonderful. There's plenty of space for your private picnic. Bring your kiddies with toys for "Fun in the Yard." Phil's Berry Farm is open every Saturday from 10am to 5pm, plus Sundays from noon to 5pm, and never an admission charge. Planning a small Wedding or Event? Check out the Red Barn Estate located on the property. But wait, there's more! Phil, who just completed his 3rd book, "Beyond Paperclip." And, he re-opened Summerland Tropical Fish Farm specializing in African Cichlids and Koi. In the planning stages, is the return to filming several short comedies using local talent. Stop by at 13955 SW 248th Street. Call 305-905-2284.
Sugar Apples at Robert Is Here

Sugar Apples at Robert Is Here Fruit Stand

Call ahead to get the latest update on Sugar Apples at Robert Is Here, available this week in limited supply. Ask about the last of the Keitt Mangos. Call 305-246-1592.
Miami Spice Menu at Redlander Restaurant

Miami Spice Menu at Redlander Restaurant

Redland Restaurant at Schnebly Redland's Winery proudly participates in the Miami Spice program, with a special menu for lunch and brunch for just $25, and dinner for $39. Plenty of outdoor seating is available for a delightful tropical experience.
Rotary Club of Homestead

Homestead Rotary Scholarships and Events

Members of the Rotary Club of Homestead were able to give away $50,000 in scholarships recently. The celebration and presentation was done at the Homestead/Miami Speedway with all 25 recipients allowed to do several laps around the track using their own car. Individual photos were taken with the Pace Car. Congratulations to all deserving scholars. Upcoming plans subject to guidelines on the Coronavirus include their Annual Prime Rib Dinner and the 4th Annual Stone Crab Seafood Festival. Details on meetings are available on line or by calling Phil Marraccini at 305-905-2284.
Solar Endorsement
Get the story from friends with solar experience and get started with free information from Solar United Neighbors of Florida about the new Miami-Dade Solar Co-op. It's free.
Miami-Dade Solar Co-Op -- Solar United Neighbors of Florida

The Time Is Now To GO SOLAR

Imagine walking into a solar company’s office with 50 or 100 of your neighbors and saying, “We all want to get solar. What kind of deal can you give us?”
Nancy O'Brien, Realtor - your Redland Specialist Realtor
Redland Equestrian Center
Outdoor Seating at Schnebly Redland's Winery
Downtown Homestead - Homestead Main Street
RF Orchids - top quality selection of fine orchids
Fruit and Spice Park of Redland
Cauley Square
Seminole Theatre Online
Red Barn Estate - wedding and special events venue
The Perfect Touch - Car Detailing by Charles
Redland Ice Cream and Bakery
Personal Scuba Instruction by Robin Burr
A big thank you to all of our Redland View sponsors for helping us highlight these special events in the countryside -- and thanks to our Redland View readers for your continued interest in these delightful cultural opportunities.

Robert and Robin Burr
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