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Hi there Friends of Redland Region,
Here's a few items of interest for those who enjoy a visit to the Miami's Bountiful Countryside. Make some time in your schedule this week for family and friends with a delightful adventure in the Redland region to enjoy and celebrate our history, culture and heritage.

Saturday, January 19 at 10am - Cauley Square

Redland Riot Road Rallye

Rob's Redland Riot Road Rallye
The annual Redland Riot Road Rallye, scheduled for Saturday January 19, is a fruity tropical history hunt through South Dade's countryside in search of clues and delicious goodies.

Treasure Map and a Prize
Each car team receives a map and driving directions, along with a set of questions to be be answered along the route, vying for a prize package worth less than one million dollars!

Goodies and Tropical Delights
Along the way, participants enjoy fabulous goodies and tropical delights in this whimsical adventure through the Redland region. They might even learn some local history and meet some descendants of pioneer families.

Start at Cauley Square at 10am
Each car team pays a $10 registration fee at the start, then heads out in search of treasure. The big finish happens at Schnebly Redland's Winery and Brewery at 5pm where the answer sheets are turned in and the winner(s) announced.
Stops along the way include:
  • Cauley Square
  • Burr's Berry Farm
  • Redland Ranch
  • Phil's Berry Farm
  • Knaus Berry Farm
  • The Fruit & Spice Park
  • R.F. Orchids
  • The Hotel Redland
  • The Florida Pioneer Museum
  • Robert Is Here fruit stand
  • Schnebly Redland's Winery and Miami Brewing Company Tap Room
Extra - Free Admission Saturday Night
At the Schnebly Winery / Miami Brewing Company Tap Room, all Redland Riot participants get free entry into the entertainment for Saturday evening -- a $12.50 value -- so you can stay and party all night.

For more information, and to register your car team in advance, visit the web site at

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