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Hi there Friends of Redland Region,
Here's a few items of interest for those who enjoy a visit to the Miami's Bountiful Countryside. Make some time in your schedule this week for family and friends with a delightful adventure in the Redland region to enjoy and celebrate our history, culture and heritage.
Please forgive the error on the dates of these two events this weekend. Here is the corrected listings...
This Weekend

Friday, May 3

Homestead Center for the Arts Showcase

2nd Annual Homestead Center for the Arts Showcase
Attend the Second Annual Showcase of Homestead Center for the Arts at the Seminole Theatre from 6 to 9pm. All new this year -- exclusively handcrafted items at the Artists and Artisans Craft Fair, starting at 6pm. On-stage live performances begin at 7:30pm, featuring music, dance, visual delights, laughs, and more.

Saturday, May 4

Bluegrass Music at Phil’s Berry Farm

Bluegrass Music
Enjoy old-fashioned family fun and entertainment in the countryside. Meet up with friends and family at Phil's Berry Farm for Free Live Bluegrass Music from 2:30 to 5pm.
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