The Annual Redland Riot Road Rallye

A leisurely visit to the Redland region is always fun and delightful. Robert Burr’s self-guided Redland Riot tour offers insight into many of the best places to visit, offering adventurous foodies and history buffs an opportunity to take themselves on a tour of Miami’s Bountiful Countryside.

The Annual Redland Riot Road Rallye

Every year, hundreds of people gather for a unique competitive event that highlights some of the best places to visit in the Redland region: Rob’s Redland Riot Road Rallye.

Robert Burr and Kathy Burr Magee

Robert Burr and cousin Kathy Burr Magee welcome Redland Rioters on the annual road rallye adventure through the Redland region.

On the third Saturday in January, Rob’s Redland Tour becomes a road rallye for hundreds of car teams, each competing for a grand prize worth less than one million dollars.

Join the escapade with a large group of cars if you enjoy a mad-capped adventure for treasure — including sticky cinnamon buns, beautiful orchids, tropical fruit milkshakes, historic sites, farm-to-table venues, antiques and a big gathering at the Southernmost Winery and Brewery in the United States.

Stops along the way on the road rallye include Cauley Square, Burr’s Berry Farm, Phil’s Berry Farm, Knaus Berry Farm, Fruit & Spice Park, R.F. Orchids, Hotel Redland, Florida Pioneer Museum, Robert Is Here, and Schnebly Winery & Brewery.

For more information, and to register your car team for the annual Redland Riot Road Rallye, visit the web site.

Rob's Redland Riot Road Rallye

Redland Rioters enjoy another delightful adventure through Miami’s Bountiful Countryside