Baseball Dreams at Seminole theatre

Baseball Dreams at Seminole theatre


Saturday, September 14, 2019    
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Seminole Theatre
18 N Krome Ave, Homestead

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A bat, a ball, a boy with a dream and an unforeseen legacy left behind… Exploring its first “dramatic curation” What if Works has drawn its latest project from a compellingly evocative collection of short stories by Cuban American novelist Ana Menendez; “Baseball Dreams.” This curated stage production explores the world of a nine-year old boy and his irrepressible dream of becoming the DiMaggio of the Cuban National Baseball Team.

Set in Cuba 1935 and spanning across three decades Menendez’ story weaves a path between fact, fiction and fable underscoring the unintended consequences of what might befall us when our dreams exceed our capacity to contain them.

Rather than offering a traditional adaptation What if Works presents a word-for-word “dramatic curation” maintaining the integrity of the narrative while the world of a boy, his dreams and his unanticipated legacy are brought alive through the dramatic curation of literature, theatre, music, movement, video and imagery.

Menéndez was born to Cuban exile parents who fled to Los Angeles, California in 1964. Menéndez’s parents expected to return to Cuba at any time and prepared their children for this eventuality. As a result, Menéndez spoke only Spanish until she enrolled in kindergarten. The family later moved first to Tampa, Florida, and then Miami, Florida, where Menéndez went to high school. Menéndez received her Bachelor of Arts from Florida International University in 1992.

The Seminole Theatre is located at 18 North Krome in downtown Homestead. Call 786-650-2073.

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