Redland Agri-Tourism

a plethora of tropical delights are available year-round at fruit stands in the Redland region

a plethora of tropical delights are available year-round at fruit stands in the Redland region

The Farm-To-Table movement brings consumers face-to-face with the hard-working families that grow these tropical delights.

Discover an ever-expanding variety of great venues in the Redland region that offer fresh vegetables, luscious tropical fruits, local specialties and seasonal delights.

Here’s a few good places to visit on your next adventure in the Redland region…

Cauley Square – group of small shops, eateries and stores built by pioneer families

Burr’s Berry Farm – world famous strawberries, milkshakes, jams and jellies

Phil’s Berry Farm – The big red barn is a great place to stop for monkey bread and milkshakes, with lots of cool stuff for kids

Knaus Berry Farm – long lines form all day for the incredible sticky buns and organic produce

Fruit & Spice Park – more than 500 varieties of exotic fruits, vegetables and spices from around the world.

Pioneer Guild Hall – a small grocery store was once the popular meeting place for pioneer families

R.F. Orchids – a third generation orchid grower and gift shop

Curbside Market & Milkshakes – a wonderful family-operated stand with u-pick, fresh produce and bakery items.

Hotel Redland – award winning restoration of historic bed and breakfast style hotel and restaurant

Florida Pioneer Museum – restored railroad home, rail car and train station with items from pioneer era

Robert Is Here fruit stand – simply the finest selection of jams, sauces, honeys, tropical fruit, milkshakes, gifts

Schnebly Redland’s Winery and Brewery – the southernmost winery and in the U.S. features unique tropical fruit wines and craft beers with a large gathering space where many great special events occur. Also, the Redlander Restaurant bring farm-fresh delights to the table for visitors and locals alike.