The Redland Region of South Florida

In the shadow of a large metropolis, aside the vast expanses of the Everglades, along the placid shores of Biscayne Bay, lies the Redland Region, a bountiful tropical environment of farms, groves, ranches and rural estates. The is South Florida’s countryside.

South Florida's rich red soil gives the farming region it name.

South Florida’s rich red soil gives the farming region it name.

This is Florida’s cornucopia.

The pace of life here is delightful. Just far enough away from the big city. Tranquility and serenity are more abundant than the noise and strain of harried life. Bask in the sound of silence.

Situated between two great natural landmarks — Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park — the Redland region is the gateway to the Florida Keys.

This is a paradise for the outdoors-man, the adventurer, the nature lover.

The sheer abundance and variety of tropical delights will amaze. Exotic fruits, vegetables and spices from around the globe grow in plenitude in the sub-tropical climate. A cornucopia of fresh produce is harvested year-round.

You’re only steps away from the source.

Redland Orchid Festival

The annual Redland Orchid Festival brings top rated growers and their prize-winning specimens to South Florida from all over the globe.

The Redland Region is orchid country. World-class growers deliver flamboyant hybrids of every hue and tint. Flowering trees, bromeliads, epyphites and other terrestrial species of jungle flora thrive and blossom in all their glory here. It’s a wonderland for botanists and cultivators.